Identical characteristics to KyoLine,

but equipped with a line thermal head,

ensuring a high printing speed


Compact and noiseless
Print speed until 50 mm per second
High resolution
Uses high grade thermal paper

for long lasting receipts
Automatic paper load, avoid paper jams
Compatible PC and major POS terminals

Maintenance free
 Highly reliable

Communication ports (depending on version)
RS232, USB, Bluetooth, TTL, RS485


Power supplies
- Standard

Power adapter  (Europe, USA, UK, …)

For sedentary use (Offices, laboratories, …)

- Multitension

From 12 to 32V DC

For embedded material (trucks, boats,  …)
- Portable

Integrated battery

For nomad use (Measure on site, …)


All Kyosha printers can be delivered
with dedicated software and cable


Download (clic to download):


Manual : KyoSpeed 2 BAT, KyoSpeed 2 XT